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Wheat Flour Being one of the leading Exporters of Wheat Flour, we are offering Wheat Flour in the domestic as well as international markets. The Wheat Flour is prepared from the wheat crops, which are cultivated in the Agricultural fields of Punjab. Our wheat flour is properly sterilized and is certified by relevant authorities.

Wheat Flour Whole wheat flour is a powdery substance derived by grinding or mashing the wheat's whole grains.Whole wheat flour is more nutritious than refined white flour. Whole wheat is a good source of calcium, iron, fiber, and other minerals like selenium. It has high fiber content due to high bran and also has high in gluten thus its dough’s can be strong and rolled out very thin.

Wheat Flour Our all- purpose flour is extra refined form of wheat flour which is also known as white wheat flour or Maida flour. It more closely resembles to cake flour or even starch.It has vital usage in preparing all sorts of breads, cakes and cookies.

Wheat Flour Self- raising or rising flour aids a consistent and even rise in baked goods. It is generally used for preparing scones, biscuits, muffins etc. Self- raising flour is pre-sifted and versatile enough to use in making hearty breads to delicate tarts.

Soy flour is made from roasted soybeans that have been ground into a fine powder. Rich in high-quality protein and other nutrients, soy flour also adds a pleasant texture and flavor to a variety of products. 

Rice flour (also rice powder) is a form of flour made from finely milled rice. Rice flour is a particularly good substitute for wheat flour, which causes irritation in the digestive systems of those who are gluten-intolerant. Rice flour is also used as a thickening agent in recipes that are refrigerated or frozen since it inhibits liquid separation. 

Gram flour is flour made from ground chickpeas and has a lovely nutty flavor. Gram flour or Besan is not just used in savory dishes but also in some famous Indian desserts. The high-protein content makes it ideal for the large vegetarian population in world. Used widely as a thickener in curries, it also used to make fritters called pakoras.

Yellow Corn flour is milled from dried corn kernels and is not corn meal.  It is finer in texture and can be used in any recipe calling for cornmeal to provide smoother feel to the food. Yellow Corn flour can also substitute up to one fourth of the flour in bread and baked goods for some unique taste sensations.Yellow Corn flour is very useful for gluten-free quick breads. As corn flour contains no gluten, it must be blended with wheat flour when preparing yeasted breads.

Semolina has high gluten content. It is high in protein, dietary fiber, carbohydrates. As it is bland in taste, it can be used to make both sweets and savory dishes. Semolina cooks quite fast, so it can be used in many dishes. It is used in making breakfast porridge, deserts, pasta dough. It is mixed in batter to make pancakes. It is used in making breads in small quantity to get a tasty crust. Semolina is called Rava or Suji or Sooji in Indian languages. It is mainly used to make breakfast dishes or snacks. 

It is a treat for the people who need a fiber rich diet. It is processed by us is an extract of per-roasted germinated wheat, which is rich in natural fibers. It contains natural proteins, vitamins & minerals that are good for health. It does not have any artificial colors, artificial fragrances, animal ingredients, or sulphates.

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